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“My first meeting with a business owner is an appointment in which we discuss the owner’s business in general. At the end of the initial session, I offer any immediate suggestions that are suitable to the owner. I will also discuss a longer-term relationship if that is appropriate. Whether the business owner chooses to retain my services or not, the initial session and any suggestions that stem from it are completely without charge or obligation.”
                … Jake Doll

"The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity."
                …Peter Drucker


Jake Doll…

A Business Advisor helping Business Owners balance their fight for survival with growth and adding value to their businesses.

Jake is a creative and resourceful executive skilled in the entrepreneurial management of an enterprise. Jake is a problem-solving executive, who operates with the highest integrity and succeeds with strong skills developed over 40 years in corporate business. Jake has degrees from Purdue University and holds three product patents.

Jake's association with a list of specialists in their fields enables him to provide his clients with a depth of resources and knowledge that other business consultants simply cannot offer. Research shows that most owners of small to medium sized businesses are concerned that they lack the skills, experience and time to be effective in various key aspects of management, as well as the Team & Growth Photocontacts and resources required to maintain and grow their businesses.

Jake is a Business Advisor who is positioned to help clients realize their dreams and develop entrepreneurial skills to increase income for themselves and their employees.

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