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Case Studies


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Sustaining, then Growing a Division During the 9/11 Downturn…

Through interim management and cost reduction and personnel utilization, Jake led the effort with a company to sustain itself, and prevent closure until economic recovery picked back up. After the recovery, sales and profits exceeded prior numbers with a 50% decrease in employee count, which took place during the initial downturn. The added-value per employee also increased 57%.

Company Turnaround and Restructuring for Increased Efficiencies…

Jake restructured an organization by efficient use of personnel and managing expenses that resulted between 10% and 17% savings. Policies were developed that brought organization, flow, and profit oriented thinking to the company. The reorganized bonus incentive system had positive results on employee moral and quality.

Global Sales

Growing Global Sales…

Jake developed and managed the effort of a U.S. company wanting to grow its business in the international market. An export operation was created establishing additional distributors in Mexico, the Far East, Europe, South America and South Africa. Export sales increased from $200,000 per year to $3,200,000 per year over a three period.

Creating Growth by Acquisitions and Licensing Agreements…

Jake was a key team member in due diligence investigations of companies that were targeted for acquisition by a company. Jake was also a key executive in negotiating product licensing agreements with foreign companies that led to thousands of dollars of increased sales and profits.

Personal Testimonial…

During our direct working relationship, it was always rewarding to have Jake as a team collaborator...He was especially effective in supplier support development and relations. Our customers appreciated his attention to their issues, and his accommodation to their concerns. Jake had a major impact at every step of the product/production process.

Jake is, by nature, a determined and innovative problem solver. With strong analytic skills, he explores advice and opinions from all involved...consults with clients, customers, suppliers, and even competitors equally well. Jake is creative individually, but is open minded and an exceptionally good listener. He is a clear thinker with international experience that can provide valuable global insights.

...George,W. Cramer, Jr.
    VP Manufacturing