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Helping business owners put the pieces together.


"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."
     …Benjamin Franklin

"…achieve the most by becoming the best."
     …Napoleon Hill

"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible."
     …Jonathon Swift


“We Help Businesses Succeed By Providing Sound Benefits Through Business Coaching”

Experienced Business Advice…

Group photoJake’s years in corporate business range from General Management, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Engineering, Purchasing, Personnel, and Software Implementation.  He has also had successes in the International Market managing Sales and Procurement activities.

Vision building…

Every owner begins a business with a vision for the business – where it would be one day, what it would be like and what it would be making.  This vision also includes the owner’s view of themselves as to position and involvement in the business within a certain amount of time.

In time, as the business evolves, things change and that vision may become dimmed and some actually dismiss it as a dream.  Problems must be looked at as temporary setbacks to success, and that limitations are only in one’s mind.  This is where outside advice can be very beneficial; an outside party with the ability to bring fresh and unbiased ideas to the table.



An organization’s owner needs to recognize the need for change in his/her business.  The success of the change will depend not only on his/her decisions, but also on the people in the organization.  Change will become easier when the employees are asked for input.  People are better able to deal with changes when they have had input and when they are confident in theirs and the business’s abilities.


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