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Helping business owners put the pieces together.



"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."
     …Benjamin Franklin

"…achieve the most by becoming the best."
     …Napoleon Hill

"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible."
     …Jonathon Swift


Helping Businesses Succeed

Solving problems quickly…

Connect to Solutions

Sandol & Associates takes organization’s challenges, investigates and solves problems as if they were Sandol’s own. We recognize that businesses cannot do everything at once, so we focus on priorities and develop Action Plans to help the business owner “get what they want” in the shortest amount of time.

Time is money, and Sandol helps a business identify and eliminate activities that are not productive to the business. These may include unproductive activities in operations, mentoring of personnel, or any other under performing activities. We can train and help you develop Strategies and important supporting Action Plans.

Increased opportunities…

Is your business struggling to survive, and do you notice profits up and down from month to month? Are you having trouble keeping your business pointed in the right direction? Sandol recognizes these problems and can help the business owner “control” their business from planning, management training, strategies, goal setting, team building, process controls, on through operations. In many cases, international opportunities are available, but are being overlooked by smaller companies.

Leadership at all levels…

An organization needs every employee rowing the boat in the same direction and at the same tempo. Is your team the best and are they properly placed in positions where they can excel? The leader sets the pace in organizations. Leadership from the top is what begins the drive of an organization through training, delegation, initiative, motivation & inspiration, and persistence. Jake has many years experience in creating these environments.

Being an entrepreneur and leader requires a love for what you do and a passion to do the things to keep it alive. Sometimes it’s hard! But, true accomplishment never comes easy—Ask any Olympic champion!

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